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Women and SHOES-AH!

The good thing is that absolutely nobody in the world reads this blog, otherwise this opinion would get me tarred and feathered. I make no secrets about my business struggles. I have to bust my ass to make… “money.” It’s gotten harder. There are plenty of reasons behind this. This post isn’t to pin the […]


Tired of thinking the same thing, the same way at the same time every day. Thoughts of things that didn’t happen to me. Things I’m not sure ever happened. Assumption and extrapolation of rumors. Subtle words that I’ve blown out of proportion. Mistrust and hurt feelings that probably should have never been. Projection. Can’t seem […]

Bitter Biter Balls

In another installment of “Jimbo Hates Everyone & Everything,” I bring to you… People, who despite an obvious lack of talent and originality are making a comfortable fucking living while I struggle. Before we get started down this rabbit hole – yes – I consider myself not only the most talented person in the world, […]

Drunk or Full of Shit?

So, I was scrolling my FB feed this morning while taking a dump. It’s about the only time I allow myself the “pleasure” of wasting 5 minutes on that platform, looking at other peoples’ posts. I came across a guy (who I’ve actually done some work for) posting about the horrible experience he had with […]

How To Make More Money on AirBnB!

“Hey, Ron…” “Yeah, Tony?” “I just figured out how to make $110 MORE per guest at our AirBnb.” “Yeah. Ok. Go ahead, Ron – how can we make more money” “We buy 2 shitty televisions from Walmart. We keep one under the bed and we put the other one out on the tiny little table […]

Here Goes Nothing

So… I know I’m supposed to blog. I do it somewhat regularly. I enjoy writing – but I’m kind of sick to death of blogging and writing solely about business stuff. With Negative Vibe Merchant, I’m going to write about all the other things. A lot of bitching. A lot of moaning. A lot about […]