Bitter Biter Balls

In another installment of “Jimbo Hates Everyone & Everything,” I bring to you…

People, who despite an obvious lack of talent and originality are making a comfortable fucking living while I struggle.

Before we get started down this rabbit hole – yes – I consider myself not only the most talented person in the world, but also the most deserving of success, fame and fortune.

And, goddammit… I’ve worked for it. Hard. For a lot of years.

Only to see these low-information-voter assholes run circles around me when it comes to the trappings of prototypical success.

Why the FUCK am I not rich? Or at least very comfortable? What have I been doing wrong?

Working my balls off and making cool shit for a million clients in the past 25 years? YES – 25 fucking years. I’ve been self-employed for 25 years.

Now, to add insult to injury, I see these fucking biters coming in and claiming shit that I pioneered BEFORE THEY WERE FUCKING BORN as novel. It isn’t. You’re just now doing things that I was doing while you were shitting rusks – and you’re getting the money for it that I was never able (or allowed) to.

It begs the question: Am I just that far ahead, or am I just that far behind?

Maybe it’s both. Maybe I’m just some fucking pod who exists to feed the world ideas and methods that they can run with and make successful while I sit back and get my ass kicked by the universe.

These millennial dipshits out there making money being CoNtRoVeRsIaL… and there I am – having suffered through actual ridicule and “cancelling” since 1980, being told that I’ll never make it.

Fuck – maybe “They” were right all along. I’ll never make it. I’m too much. I’m entertaining but not marketable. Talented but not cooperative enough. To new to be the now.

And that is most certainly NOT balls.