Drunk or Full of Shit?

So, I was scrolling my FB feed this morning while taking a dump. It’s about the only time I allow myself the “pleasure” of wasting 5 minutes on that platform, looking at other peoples’ posts.

I came across a guy (who I’ve actually done some work for) posting about the horrible experience he had with an ex.

It was part of some value vomit post where he was admonishing people for bragging about how much money they made or something. Frankly, it was so rambling and poorly spelled (and punctuated) that I had a hard time following it.

Plus – it was long.

Anyway… he claimed that he had been married to this person for 14 years but that he couldn’t remember her name.

Really? I mean… short of a traumatic brain injury, how the FUCK are you not going to remember the name of a person you were MARRIED to for 14 years?

So, it got me to thinking – was he full of shit, was he trying to make a point, or was the entire post written by AI?

And, really – if you can’t tell the difference, IS there a difference?

If you’re posting while drunk, I can forgive it.

If you’re posting this sort of thing while straight, you deserve to be beaten with a sack of oranges.

And… if you’re so fucking brain damaged that you can’t remember the name of someone you spent more than 10% of your life with, who the FUCK would hire you to do anything but scrape algae from the bottom of a swimming pool?

Robert, if you’re reading this – you’re full of shit. Or drunk.

Either way, I don’t need you around. Have fun being blocked. I’m sure you won’t remember me anyway.