Here Goes Nothing


I know I’m supposed to blog. I do it somewhat regularly. I enjoy writing – but I’m kind of sick to death of blogging and writing solely about business stuff.

With Negative Vibe Merchant, I’m going to write about all the other things.

A lot of bitching.

A lot of moaning.

A lot about the current state of my life and my brain.

I was actually going to dedicate this blog to the journey back from despair and turmoil. You know – all the stuff that I will do to help fix my mindset and my life. Inspirational and…


I pivoted (you’re supposed to do that and be able to do that) and I’m just going to use this space for all the words and weirdness and maybe even some of the “true confession” type shit I was going to do before… but in a way that I would actually want to read.

See… I’m a negative guy. I’m going to rebuild and be happier – but being negative actually makes me smile.

Misery. Discontent. Malaise.

It’s what I’m best at.